The ECHO-ECHO group is an International Radio Club of II meter operators. The Group was founded on spring 1989 in Warszawa, the capital of Poland, to study propagation and to promote friendly and brotherly relations among radio operators in the world. Our Group accepts only serious and qualified operators, so you should remember, that during your broadcasting with EE call you are heard all over the world. Therefore you ought to be responsible for all you send to the air. On the other hand the membership is open for everybody regardless nationality, religion, political believes and membership in others clubs. Every year we organize national and international radio contests for interested stations, where you have chance to compete with others in direct rivarly. Another form of activity is publishing series of awards, confirn1ing achievements and experience of our operators. Every year we activite different interesting places in Poland and in the world and there are organized S.E.S. To celebrate important events, club meetings etc. Monitor frequency of EE Group: 26.425 MHz USB. The monitor frequencies should be used only for calling, QSO is forbidden.

Welcome at Echo Echo

161EE162 Czesław

161EE232 Wojtek

161EE747 Rafał

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